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Video: iPhone 5C Debuts in “Oozingly Vibrant Spot”

on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 22:13

The iPhone 5C (as in C for “color”) debuts in a colorful spot that Adweek finds reminiscent of candy advertising. Adweek 9/17/13


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Brands & Social Media: Angry Twitter, “Commercial Breaks Aren’t Tweet Breaks”

on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 22:11

Vitriolic posts, such as those in reaction to Nina Davuluri’s crowning as Miss America, are more common on Twitter, than on Facebook, due in part to perceived anonymity, and the “opportunity to be dramatic,” according to article. CNN 9/21/13

Nielsen’s SocialGuide analyzed 59 cable and broadcast programs and found that just 30% of Tweets were sent during commercial time. Adweek 9/18/13


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Video: Thai Mobile Spot Generates Tears…And Controversy

on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 22:08

Thai mobile company TrueMove, launches a spot that brings some to tears, and motivates others “to start a flame war with American advertisers about why we can’t come up with ads this moving and cinematic.” Awesome. Adweek 9/17/13



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Brand News: Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple, AT&T, BMW, Crocs, Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s Stolichnaya, Twitter, Ulta Beauty, United Airlines, Walmart

on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:47

Walmart (WMT) will require suppliers to reveal the use of use of toxic chemicals to customers online by 2015, and disclosure of chemicals on in-store packaging by 2018. Fast Company 9/13/13

Crocs (CROX) is venturing beyond its iconic rubber clogs with the launch of a line of high fashion offerings available next year. Businessweek 9/13/13

United Airlines (UAL) will honor tickets mistakenly issued for as little as $5 during a technical glitch on its website. Businessweek 9/13/13

McDonald’s (MCD) is testing mobile payments, order-ahead functionality and offers through the Isis mobile wallet.” Mobile Marketer 9/13/13

Ulta Beauty (Ulta) reported second quarter net income rose 28.3% to $44.9 million, compared with $35 million in the year ago period. Chain Store Age 9/13/13

Twitter has announced, via tweet of course, that it has filed for a confidential initial public offering. AdAge 9/13/13

Krispy Kreme (KKD) is moving from being primarily a wholesaler, to becoming more retail by adding 157 more U.S. locations to the 243 unit chain, many retail only, by 2017.Businessweek 9/12/13

Ignoring critics who say Apple (AAPL) pricing is not competitive against Android devices, the company is sticking to their premium strategy, pricing the iPhone 5c at $549 without a contract. Computerworld 9/12/13

Twitter has rolled out two new filters for verified users, to reduce spam, and to show interactions with other verified users, making it easier for celebs to tweet and interact with other celebs. Techcrunch 9/12/13

AT&T (T) has been widely criticized for attempting to commercialize the 9/11 anniversary by tweeting a photo of a hand holding up a smartphone, with a screen display of  the Tribute in Light, two light beams on the site of the twin towers. USA Today 9/12/13    

BMW’s Mini displayed personal messages to Mini owners on nine digital billboards along a busy roadway in London, e.g., “Early start, Mr. Grey Mini driver…Need a pick me up?”  How’s that for making your customers feel super extra special? Adweek. 9/11/13

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) has lost a civil rights lawsuit filed by a former employee who says she was fired for wearing a head scarf. Businessweek 9/10/13

Calls to boycott Russian vodka for  the country’s homophobic practices, such as The Campaign#DumpStoli, may be targeting companies who are not Russian. Stolichnaya says they use Russian grain, but product manufacturing and packaging occurs in other countries. BBC 9/10/13

McDonald’s (MCD) andDunkin’ Donuts (DNKN) now offer breakfast sandwiches with steak. Businessweek 9/10/13

Apple (AAPL) plans to launch iTunes Radio app on 9/18 as part of its iOS 7 update. The New York Times 9/10/13

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Brands & Social Media: Gender Differences in Social Networking, Twitter and Small Businesses, Why People Post on Social Media

on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:44

Women are significantly more likely than men to use social networking sites, by about 8% points. Pew Research 9/12/13

Social media users who follow a small or medium-sized business on Twitter do so because they are interested in learning about products to purchase, according to a survey conducted by Market Probe International and Twitter. eMarketer 9/11/13

 “Share interesting things” is the number one reason that people post on social media, according to a recent report from Ipsos.” Marketing Profs 9/6/13


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Video: Chipotle Animated Film Entertains While Reinforcing Brand Ethos

on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:37

Chipotle launches a new campaign, ‘The Scarecrow’, with an animated film and game that reinforces the brand’s ethos of  “Food with Integrity.”  Branded entertainment at its best. Adweek 9/12/13


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Brand Trends, Research & Big Data: How to Start a Big Data Project, Affluent Millennials, Fashion Startups Sidestep Retailers, Private Label Pricing Rises, Sports Branding Boosts Fragrances, Last Minute Travel Bookings Rise

on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:35

Forrester post explains why the starting point for big data projects must be “a question, or set of questions, clearly linked to a business goal.” Why It's Important To Start Every Big Data Project with A Question 9/15/13

Affluent millennial influencers are receptive to mobile ads and purchase online on a daily basis. Luxury Daily 9/13/13

A growing number of start-up fashion designers are selling through independent boutiques and online stores sidestepping established retailers. Businessweek 9/10/13

Private-label prices, based on a comparison of 17 food items in seven countries shows that the difference in price between national brands and store brands is decreasing. Just-Food 9/10/13

Men’s fragrances with “sport” in the name are growing faster (up 16% year over year) that men’s fragrances overall (5%) Businessweek 9/13/13

Last minute booking trends begin fueled by rise in mobile devices. Businessweek 9/10/13

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Brand Strategy: Mobile Measurement Fail, Are Taglines Dead?

on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 22:31

“Marketers continue to struggle with measuring the performance of their mobile efforts because of a lack of clear objectives and defined performance indicators.” Mobile Marketer 9/12/13

Far from dead, taglines help brands stand out by verbalizing what they stand for.  Adweek 9/9/13

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Video: The Moto X Rescues You From Lazy Phones

on Thu, 09/12/2013 - 23:22

A new campaign from Motorola touts Moto X Touchless Control, Quick Capture and Active Notifications features. The Verge 9/9/13

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Brand News: Amazon, Bob Evans, Campbell’s Soup, Daimler, GoDaddy, Kenneth Cole, Kraft, McDonald’s Microsoft, Nokia, Oyster, Pinterest, Smithfield Foods, Taco Bell, Verizon, Yahoo!

on Sun, 09/08/2013 - 12:55

Bob Evans Farms Inc. (BOBE.O) has seen same-store sales increase resulting from ongoing renovations. Reuters 9/8/13

Daimler plans to launch their self-driving car by 2020. Reuters 9/8/13. Image: Daimler

Amazon (AMZN) is reportedly planning to offer its new smartphone at no charge without a carrier contract. The Huffington Post 9/7/13

YUM Brands’ (YUM) Taco Bell chain has ended their 14 year tradition of giving away free Chalupas when the Portland Trail Blazers score 100 points during a home game. Consumerist 9/6/13

Mobile messaging startup Path is opposing a Pinterest application to trademark the letter “P” as a stylized design. Techcrunch 9/6/13

If approved by shareholders, the acquisition by Shuanghui International of Smithfield Foods (SFD) would be the largest takeover of a U.S. company by a Chinese firm. Smithfield produces products under Smithfield and other brands including Armour Farmland, and Eckrich.  USA Today 9/6/13

Despite being criticized for his tweet linking Egyptian unrest to his spring collection, fashion designer Kenneth Cole promoted his footwear in a new tweet referencing the Syrian crisis. Adweek 9/6/13

Television broadcasters have won a preliminary injunction against FilmOn X, a streaming service they say retransmits their broadcast signals without permission or compensation. New York Times 9/5/13

New startup Oyster seeks to become Netflix for books with a $9.95 monthly subscription to its 100,000 book catalog. Fast Company 9/5/13

For the first time in 75 years, Kraft (KRFT) is adding four ‘new-stalgic’ Mac & Cheese flavors: Garlic & Herb Alfredo, Buffalo Cheddar, Three Cheese Jalapeño and Cheesy Southwest Chipotle. Adweek 9/4/13

Yahoo! (YHOO) has introduced a new logo to better reflect the brand’s combination of whimsy and sophistication. CEO Marissa Mayer says the logo is “modern and fresh, with a nod to our history. Having a human touch, personal. Proud.” Adweek 9/4/13

McDonald’s (MCD)is testing Dollar Menu & More a new concept that includes items priced up to $5. Advertising Age 9/4/13

GoDaddy has launched a campaign featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme,  as it continues to move away from its previously sexualized advertising approach. New York Times 9/4/13

The Campbell Soup Co. (CPB)and Green Mountain (GMCR) are partnering to introduce Campbell's Fresh-Brewed Soup K-Cup packs for Keurig brewers. AdvertisingAge 9/4/13

Nokia (NOK) has agreed to sell its mobile phone business to Microsoft (MSFT) for $7.2 Billion. The Huffington Post 9/2/13

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)agreed to purchase the U.S. wireless business of Vodafone (VOD). The Huffington Post 9/2/13

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