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Brand News: Volvo, Pork, Ben & Jerry’s, Apple, GoDaddy, United Continental

on Sat, 06/08/2013 - 18:29

Originally posted March 2011

New Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby says one major finding of a recent Volvo brand audit is that the company "must redefine its legacy of leadership in safety by not only keeping up structural and design safety in its cars, but also blaze a new trail of safety when it comes to onboard electronics and communications” AdAge Global 3/4/11

The National Pork Board has replaced 25 year tagline "The Other White Meat," with a new tagline: "Pork, Be Inspired,” which the board says goes beyond providing basic information to positioning pork as a versatile ingredient. The new tagline is accompanied by a new logo. Advertising Age 3/4/11
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and NBC’s consumer products division has launched “Late Night Snack” in honor of Jimmy Fallon and his Late Night Show. The ice cream combines potato chips, caramel swirl, fudge and vanilla bean ice cream. AdFreak 3/4/11
Apple tops Fortune’s list of the 50 most admired companies from their survey of business people. Rounding out the top five is Google at number 2, Berkshire Hathaway 3, Southwest Airlines 4, and Procter & Gamble at 5. 3/3/11
Forrester says the Apple i Pad will claim 80% of the US tablet market in 2011, thanks to a product strategy that cultivates an emotional connection with consumers through an unrivaled app ecosystem, a channel that's a demo lab (The Apple Store) and excellent service from 'real humans.' Forrester Blogs 3/2/11
Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched US telecast of all-time and web hosting site saw the largest lift of any website in post-Super Bowl traffic, with a 41 percent increase in unique U.S. visitors during the week following the game compared to the week before. GoDaddy aired two commercials during the game with their 1st quarter ad starring Joan Rivers as the new GoDaddy spokesperson. NielsenWire 3/1/11
United Continental Holdings Inc. plans to launch an "interim" advertising campaign for the combined company on March 8th, and will utilize a new logo combining the United name with the globe used by Continental. Wall Street Journal 2/28/11
Although the Apple iPad has been positioned as a media consumption device, not for an enterprise environment, there are reports estimating that 65-80% of Fortune 100 companies have deployed or piloted the device. Túaw 2/14/11, All Things Digital 2/14/11
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